Q's & A's
How Full Can I Fill A Skip?
Please don't overfill the skip, because if you do, we may not be able to take it away. ​ If in doubt, order a skip a size larger that you might be tempted to hire, as this may be more economic than having to pay for another skip, also the added cost of a call-out for a wasted journey if our driver finds that he cannot take the skip away because of over filling. ​ One thing about waste, you will always have more than you think! ​ No waste should be over the top of the skip. It must be level. Ifs it over, we cant collect and you may have to pay a wasted journey fee.
How long can I keep the skip for?
Skips are hired out with a 7 day hire period. However individual requirements can be accommodated dependent on availability. ​ Skips will be collected after 7 days unless you have contacted our office to extend the hire. If you can have the skip collected earlier please us know and we will have it collected for you.
Where can I have my skip set-down?
You can have it dropped on your driveway, garden or building site, basically any privately owned land. Please be sure that your driveway etc. will take the weight of our lorries, as we can't be responsible for broken slabs, overhanging wires etc, as a result of your instructions. ​ Heavy skips can damage tarmac driveways. Please ensure you cover the area with plywood, etc if you want the skip to be placed on a it to prevent damage. ​ If you require a permit you must obtain one first e.g. if skip is going into a parking space on a street. We can assist with this if required.